Part 1: Tips and Tricks in Playing Summoners War

Let’s face it, Summoners War is 100% RNG based. RNG stands for random number generator. This means that everything that happens in the game is completely random. It is not at all surprising that people ache to find tips and tricks in playing Summoners War. Because, let’s get real, relying on monster summons in hopes of getting a strong monster isn’t in your best interest.

Truth be told,  your chances of actually summoning a Natural 5 or even just a Natural 4 monster does not look too good. Your luck is only as good as the game’s programming. I am not saying it’s totally impossible to get a Natural 4-5 through summoning. You ought to get something sometime. But while you’re working your way through the game. And waiting for your luck to come through. Let’s make your time worthwhile.

While there is no way to beat the algorithm of the game, engage in a legitimate Summoners War hack. No, it’s not the kind that you’re likely hoping for. These tips and tricks in Summoners War is simply a form of guidance to help you get ahead in the game naturally. Behold my personal tips to help you level up, earn crystals, and enhance your overall gaming experience. There’s so much that I could share, and would need to share, so this is just the first blow.

Tips and Tricks in Playing Summoners War

Log In Everyday

Perhaps the most basic advice I could give you is to keep logging and never fail to do so. There is a daily reward given to you when you log in. This reward gets better as the days progress. If you log in for a month without fail, you will get a special gift. The Light and Darkness Scroll is by far the biggest reward you could get for completing a month of logins. There are also missions on a daily basis. The reward for completing each mission vary, although, finishing all gives you 10 Crystals.

loin tip in Summoners War

Logging in to Summoners War is a good way to earn rewards and incredible gifts. You could get all that you see above just by signing in for 24 days.


Engage in arena battles, rise through the ranks for even more exciting rewards. The arena battle information resets on a weekly basis. For just a minimum of 1100 points, you could earn as much as 30 crystals. The reward you get increase the higher the ranking you attain. At the same time, assign the best monsters you have to defend you in the arena. The higher your arena standing gets, the stronger your attackers will be. So be prepared as much as you could.

Battle Areas

One tip I’ve found to be helpful is to sweep the battle areas by difficulty level. This will help you gain experience and prepare for fights of higher difficulty. It also saves you energy by not spending on battles that you can’t potentially win, just yet. The rewards may look enticing, but it won’t even make sense to engage in it if you won’t be victorious anyway.

tips and tricks in the battle areas

Shown in this photo is the battle map in Summoners War. Take advantage of each area as you could reap incredible rewards for clearing each one.


Make your team diverse by having complementing monsters on your roster. It is always safe to have one of each monster element on your team. However, this could go both ways for you. If you are faced with a one-element-team, chances are, the opposing elemental monster on your team will take a beating. One thing most definitely worth having is a healer on your team. Especially one that has an immunity skill that applies to him/herself. Better yet, one that could protect your whole team.

Trial of Ascension (TOA)

Take advantage of the Trial of Ascension. Fight, up until you can. Each level of the TOA drops a Summoning Stone. With the exception of every 5th and 10th level. Which by the way, give you even awesome rewards. You get Crystals, Mystical Scrolls, Evolved and Max level Rainbowmons, just to name a few. The best part of TOA is the Summoning Stones. Every 50 pieces of it give you a chance to summon a Nat3 to Nat5 from a pre-selected set of monsters.

conquer trial of ascension in summoners war

The Trial of Ascension in Summoners war is built to test your might. Conquering all 100 floors will reward you of a Legendary Scroll. You could use this to summon a Natural4 or Natural 5 monster.


Work Your Way through the Dungeons

I know, it is easier said than done. However, fighting at the dungeons is a good training ground. Not to mention the fact that it’s the perfect hunting ground for neat stuff. Dungeons typically reward players with a multitude of inaccessible items. For starters, you could get evolving materials for your monster at the dungeons. It is also the go-to area for farming runes, scrolls, crystals, and even summoning stones.


I hope these tips serve you well. How I wish I had the same kind of reading material when I was just starting out with the game. These tips and tricks in playing Summoners War seem basic. Although, if you stick to this routine, the significant difference in your progress will definitely surprise you. Next time, I will do an in-depth discussion of additional tricks. Possibly about the strongest monsters and how to work with them. So check back in the coming weeks for the sequel of tips and tricks in Summoners War.