Playing Summoners War: The Basics That You Need to Know

There are over 70 Million iOS and Android users all over the world who are hooked in playing Summoners War. Truly, the game’s creator have got a good thing going. As they’ve been able to sustain the hype of the game since its launch on June 12, 2014. It may be the continuous updates and game improvements that Com2Us has made in the span of two years. Whatever it is, it seems to be working, they are indeed doing something right.

If it’s your first time to join the game, or still deciding to play the game, I hope you find this article helpful. I will be discussing the basic things about the game and game play. Which I myself hoped was available for me to read about back when I was just starting with it. To be pretty honest, I was a bit lost way back then. I was literally just playing Summoners War for the sake of playing it. No clear strategy whatsoever. Of course, the ultimate daily goal was to find scrolls and summon Natural 5 (Nat5) monsters. But I haven’t been truly lucky with that. Except for a few summons that gave me good 4-star monsters. Other than that, I felt that Summoners War was really more of a game of “grind”.

Nonetheless, there are some good tips that I can give you now. After years of playing, grinding, success and failures (every now and then). Here are the things that I wish I knew right off the bat when I started playing Summoners War.

Element hierarchy

summoners war basics

Get ahead by knowing the elemental hierarchy. What beats what is truly important.

This took me some time to figure out, well at least around 5 levels into it. I was playing at Mt. Siz and wondered why on earth can’t it defeat Golem! Then I realized, I had majority of wind monsters on my roster! So they were all delivering just glancing hits. The best way to beat a fire monster is to use a water monster. So I adjusted my monsters, placed in more water monsters and then some fire ones.

Because the hierarchy goes – water beats fire, fire beats wind, wind beats water. Light and dark monsters are neutral against any elemental character and one another.

Know your characters

Monster Attributes Summoners War

Shown in this photo is an Attack Monster, a Wind Chimera.

Knowing your monsters is not just about memorizing names, being familiar with their skills and drooling over their evolved forms. No, it’s much more than that. To really know your character, check what character type he or she is. There are a few types in Summoners war.

HP characters by the term needs to be equipped with high HP runes. They are the tanks of your team.

Attack monsters are by definition good attackers but usually with lower health.

Support monsters are good for your overall team. They possess buffs, healing capabilities, specials skills and continuous damage properties.

Defense monsters do very well in long battles. They are like HP characters, but rather have high defense than HP.

Your familiarity of these properties and capabilities will help you do well in any kind of situation. Make sure to equip your roster with a balance of the above monster types.

Be wise with your roster

summoners war sky arena

In this photo is an example of a good Sky Arena defense monsters.

Now that you know the most basic ideas of elements and monsters. Plus, their correlation. You will be able to prepare your team more effectively. Make sure to have good balance in your team to be able to withstand any fight environment. You are sure to have favorites in your team, so remember to keep leveling them up. Equip them with the best runes you have, and keep upgrading those runes. Also, when you’re ready for it, evolve your best performing character first then work down the rest.

There is really a rewarding feeling when you play Summoners War. Despite of some setbacks every now and then, (or ever too often when summoning). Other than that, it is all in all one hell of a game! There is nothing by far on mobile that could compare to this turn-based strategy MMO. And I mean that as a Summoners War fan and a game fanatic in general. I hope you enjoy your Summoners War experience as much as I do! Have fun and get strong!