Summon Monsters Without Scrolls


If our last article has not gotten you all pumped up to summon monsters in Summoners War, maybe this one will. The joy of being able to summon monsters in the game is by far, again, I have to repeat, something to look forward to. With the last article, we discussed everything Scroll related. Just to recap, we discussed about the most common Unknown Scroll. Then to the ones that are quite hard to get your hands on the Mystical Scroll and Elemental Scroll. And of course, those scrolls that seem too impossible to get. The Light and Darkness Scroll and the Legendary Scroll.

Now this article goes beyond the scrolls, I think I have coached you up enough for that. This time around, I am going to discuss about the other methods you could use to summon monsters. There are still quite a number of ways to summon monsters without a scroll.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Social Summon

Send social points in Summoners War

Simply go to your friend list and click on the heart to send Social Points. You get 10 points for every send you do.

Social Summoning is a neat way to summon monsters, however, you’re more likely to get some feeds (food for monsters) than actual good monsters. Social Summon gives you a chance to summon monsters of 1 to 3 stars. But in my experience, and I have used this a lot, especially to get by the daily mission. The chances of summoning a 3-star using the Social Summon is really not amenable. Although again, it’s a good way to finish the summoning mission on your daily mission. Plus, it’s almost of no effort to get the 100 Social Points you need to summon one monster, so this is really just a feeder bonus.

Where to find materials: As I have already mentioned, Social Summoning uses Social Points. The only way for you to get Social Points is by sending and receiving Social Points from your friends. These friends have to be added to your Summoners War account in order for you to send and get points from them. Although there is a maximum of the Social Points that you can stock up yourself with. 3000 is all that you can have at a maximum, so better just use it when you can.

Mystical Summon

alternative to summoning with scrolls

The Mystical Summon may be expensive but sometimes reaps you some good 3-5 Star monsters.

This is different from the Mystical Scroll. Please do not be confused. The Mystical Summon actually uses Summoners War Crystals. You need 75 Crystals to summon a possible 3 to 5-star monster from the Summonhenge. I haven’t used this quite as much as I have used other methods. One because, it is far too expensive if you ask me. Second, because when I did try it for a few tries, I got nothing but your usual 3-star monster. And if I remember correctly, they were even duplicates of what I already had. So not too good of an experience. Nonetheless, do not let me discourage you. Your luck could simply be much different.

Where to find materials: The main material for this is obviously the crystals. And getting crystals in Summoners War isn’t quite as easy as getting mana. My suggestion would be to battle the “Rivals” in the arena. They give out 3 crystals each for every victory. Another way is to keep on playing anywhere on the map. Sometimes, although rarely, crystals are dropped during battles. One last move is of course, to generate Summoners War Crystals. And you should know by now how to do that already.

Exclusive Summon

use summoning stones to summon a natural 5 monster

The Exclusive Summon is a sure shot way to get a good monster. The odds are leaning in your favor due to the limited number of monsters that you could summon.

The Exclusive Summon is done through Summoning Stones. This is a special way to summon monsters, and a bit more calculated than other summoning methods. Calculated in a way that you are guaranteed to get one of the featured monsters in the weekly “Monster List”. This list changes on a weekly basis but always with a promise of you getting a good 3-star to 5-star monster. The list is quite short, so the odds are quite in your favor. At least as opposed to other methods, where there are hundreds of monsters that you could potentially summon.

Where to find materials: Summoning Stones rarely get dropped in the map. But, at times you may find it in the dungeons (Giant’s Keep, suggestively). But one sure shot to get Summoning Stones is through the Trial of Ascension (TOA). Both in normal or hard mode. Every level of the Trial of Ascension gives 1 summoning stone as a reward (except for every 5th and 10th). If you are strong enough for it, you can gather at least 100 of these in TOA normal and hard.

Summoning Pieces

collect summoning pieces in summoners war

Collect Monster Summoning Pieces of the monster that you’ve been wanting. Required pieces vary depending on monster type and grade.

This is by far the surest shot way of summoning monsters. Although, the opportunity doesn’t always present itself to obtain Summoning Pieces. But the good thing about summoning monsters using summoning pieces is that, you know exactly what monster you are going to get. In fact, that’s the whole point of you battling your way to get summoning pieces – because you want to get a monster. And not just any monster, that exact monster.

Where to find materials: I told you it would not be easy, but it’s not really hard to get to it when the chance arises. Summoning Pieces may be obtained through “Secret Dungeons” that normally open when the Elemental Dungeons are open. The Secret Dungeon comes as a reward at times after clearing a level in the Elemental Dungeon. Another way is during special events, when Com2Us opens special dungeons that you need to conquer to obtain Summoning Pieces.