An Effective Summoners War Team: For Levels 15 and Below

I want to share with everyone my own personal journey towards success in Summoners War. This low-level Summoners War team is not 100% foolproof. Safe to say, with this favorite team of mine, I succeeded to win 80% of the battles. My experience with this four has allowed me to progress in the game much quicker. The best thing here is that I was able to upgrade them and their skills much quicker because they were common monsters. Put this Summoners War tip to the test, and I guarantee, you won’t be sorry.

low-level Summoners War Team

Simply because the Garuda Light is a starter monster, doesn’t mean it is weak. With the right runes and maxed out skills upgrade, Teon could be a valuable asset to your team.

Garuda Light

Everyone gets this monster early in the game. Its attack power is not something that could please you that much. However, its skills will definitely help you surpass many tedious battles. When awakened, the Garuda Light’s resurge comes in very handy. It powers up you heavy hitter. It gives a turn advantage to your chosen monster, giving you better control of how the battle goes.

When awakened to Teon, the Garuda Light becomes even stronger. He gains an extra skill called the Light of Recovery, which enables him to revive a dead ally. As an added bonus, the same skill recovers 20% HP off all allies too, so you hit two birds with this bird. Should you use the skill with no revived ally, the skill cool down becomes 2 less than the original seven.

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The Inugami Fire is a real beast especially if equipped with high-quality runes. Raoq is a solid attacker especially when the Team Up skill is used.

Inugami Fire

I have already expressed my extreme appreciation for this monster, but let me reiterate it once more. The Fire Inugami is a monster you should definitely have. He is an attack monster, so consider your team’s overall attack enhanced. However, what would amaze you with this monster is the strength he could exhibit alone or within a team. He is best with a Summoners War team though due to his Team Up skill. This skill allows him to attack together with another random ally.

Once awakened to Raoq, get ready to say “nighty-night” to most enemies. Awakening reinforces Raoq’s Scratch skill. What once was just a 50% of weakening the enemy’s defense gets an additional 30% chance of consecutive attack. His last skill, the Annihilate skill, is an automatic skill that awards you an extra turn if you kill an enemy.

best 2 star monsters

The Pixie Wind is merely a 2-star monster. And that fact alone is already one of her strengths. Being a 2-star monster makes her easier to level up and maximize skills.

Pixie Wind

Pixie Wind has two AOE (Area of Effect) skills. One for attack and one for defense. Decelerate is a skill that attacks all monsters. This attack affects the attack speed of all enemies with a 20% chance. Decelerate is the offensive AOE. While Pep Talk is a skill that increases the attack and defense of all allies for three turns. This defensive skill affects all allies and refreshes in 2 turns (upon skill upgrade). While its normal attack (Spirit Ball) is effective as it is with a hidden gift to it. The Spirit Ball has a 50% to cause an enemy to land Glancing Hits for two turns.

One thing that will make you fall for Shannon, Pixie Wind’s awakened form, is the ease of skill upgrade! Since Pixies are just 2-star monsters, they are very easy to find. Literally, so easy! You could get a Pixie from an Unknown Scroll or the Magic Shop, and both are cheap investments either way. I was personally able to max out the skill upgrades of my Shannon in just two levels!

Howl Water

low level healers summoners war

Howls are 2-star monsters as well. And like Pixies, that makes them easier to level up, evolve and fully upgrade their skills.

Do not underestimate this 2-star monster. In fact, you should applaud the fact that Howls are just 2-star monsters. That alone is a strength for Howl. Like Pixies, the howl is very easy to come across, meaning, you could max out the skills upgrade right away. Awakening it is no trouble too, since you need just a standard amount of awakening materials, unlike for a 3-star monster.

When awakened to Lulu, the Howl of Water could actually heal allies to as much as three times in four rounds. That is a 75% healing ratio. Something uncommon for other healers of the same level. Actually, even 3-star healers could not match up to Lulu at times.

For those of you, who have just begun with the game, work your way towards getting these four monsters. Equip them with the best runes, power up those runes. Keep on leveling them up as well to obtain maximum results. Should you get a hold of a similar monster (same element or not) invest it on the corresponding monster from this list. Skills upgrade makes a whole lot of difference, especially the skill cool time adjustment. This is a low-level Summoners War team and is best for those levels 1 to 15 players. I wish you all the best! I hope you become victorious too with the help of these monsters.