Summoning Monsters: All About Scrolls

If summoning monsters is not one of the things you look forward to in Summoners War, you must be playing a different game. Summoners War as the name denotes is all about summoning monsters. And monster summoning is by far the most important things in the game. Summoning monsters could be done in different ways, the luck you get for each one remains to be truly just a matter of algorithm. Some players theorized that summoning at a specific time of the day works better. I really haven’t found that to be helpful. What I know works is the basic principle of odds. The more scrolls that you have, the greater the chance for you to land a natural 5 (Nat5) monster.

So this post will not talk about breaking algorithm or tricks to strengthen your chances of landing good monsters. I believe that summoning will remain to be the same regardless of what time you summon or in whatever order you summon. It’s all about quantity! So instead of feeding you with some trickery, I will simply discuss about the different types of scrolls and how to get them.

Types of Scrolls used for Summoning Monsters:

Unknown Scroll

trips to get scrolls on summoners war

Shown in this photo is the Summonhenge with 817 Unknown Scrolls.

This is by far the most common drop during fights. Unknown Scrolls can summon 1 to 3 star monsters. In my experience, your odds of summoning monsters of 3 stars from an unknown scroll is very low. However, should you land one, it’s usually a decent character. Not just something to feed your other monsters with. Although, again, in my experience, you’re likely to get one to two stars only with this scroll.

Where to find it: Unknown Scrolls are everywhere. You can get them from any area in the map as a fight reward. Buying it through the Magic Shop is also possible but I suggest you don’t spend for it. You can also get it in the dungeons, although it’s pretty devastating to get just this after defeating bosses, don’t you think? I’m not a fan of it either. But normally, you get this in numbers if given as a reward in the dungeons.

Mystical Scroll

summon a natural 5 monster from mystical scrolls

Photo courtesy of NeoSeeker.

Not too easy to come by, but not that rare either. Mystical Scrolls are the ones that makes us hold on to dear life when summoning. This type of scroll promise summoning monsters of no lower than three stars and as high as five stars. If you’re lucky, you can even summon evolved monsters using this kind of scroll. In my experience, the best result I got from a Mystical Scroll is the Archangel of Fire.

Where to find it: The most basic answer is to watch out for it at the shop if you have money to purchase it. This normally goes for about 130,000 to 180,000 Mana. Dungeons also spit this out every now and then, particularly in Giant’s Keep. Rarely does so, but it’s always worth a try. The glory shop also has this for 240 Glory Points and Guild Shop at 200 Guild Points. And lastly by buying packs. Summoner Pack has 3 scrolls for 225 Crystals. While the Premium Pack gives you 11 scrolls for 750 Crystals. Both with some added bonuses such as Angelmons and Mana.

Elemental Scroll (Water, Fire and Wind)

get elemental scrolls on summoners war

Buy Elemental Scrolls from the Glory Shop for just 300 Points!

Elemental Scrolls are not the usual way of summoning monsters. It gives you the control of what elemental property you want the monster you summon to be. But that’s about the only advantage to this. Summoning using an Elemental Scroll, like the Mystical Scroll, gives a random 3 – 5 star monster.

Where to find it: In fact, these scrolls are only available for you through the Glory and Guild Shop. They are so rare, that you should try to grab them every week if you can. The Summoners War Glory Shop or Guild Shop limits your purchase to one per week of each type at 300 Glory Points and 250 Guild Points respectively.

Light and Dark Scroll

This is the Packages Section of Summoners War's Shop. You can purchase special packages for some real bucks.

This is the Packages Section of Summoners War’s Shop. You can purchase special packages for some real bucks.

We know for a fact that light and dark monsters are hard to come by. It is that reality which urge players to grab one or two of this scroll. Of course, the chance to do so doesn’t always present itself. The Light and Dark Scroll summons monsters of 3 to 5 stars too like the Mystical and Elemental Scroll. At least you get a chance for a Nat5 light or dark monster, that’s truly amazing.

Where to find it: This scroll isn’t available quite easily. You can only get it after clearing one high level of the dungeons for the first time. You can also purchase light and dark scrolls at the Package Shop using some real dollars. Events also give out Light and Dark Scroll pieces, but that rarely happens.

Legendary Scroll

summoners war guild shop

Purchase Legendary Pieces from the Guild Shop to complete the required 100 pieces and summon a Nat 4 or 5 monster.

The Legendary Scroll is by far the most sought after among all scrolls. This kind of scroll allows summoning monsters of Natural 4 or 5 only. No 3 star monsters using this scroll! I haven’t had any luck summoning a Nat 5 using this kind of scroll!

Where to find it: There are by far three ways to get Legendary Scrolls. One is through clearing level 10 of dungeons for the first time. Next is through purchasing Legendary Scroll pieces from the Guild Shop for 5 pieces at 200 Guild Points. You can easily get 25 pieces of this per week if you battle hard with your team. Lastly, through cash purchases.